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Rob Mancini is the vocalist for Stagma
Stagma, the heavy rock collaboration formed by composer/guitarist Alexandre Santos, and featuring bassist Joe Petro, lead guitarist Neil Fraser, and
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Gaming composer Jeroen Tel to appear on Stagma’s debut album
Stagma are delighted to announce that our debut album will feature a cinematic introduction from video game composer, Jeroen Tel.
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Bonus track featuring AC/DC’s Simon Wright on Stagma’s debut album
STAGMA is pleased to announce the addition of a bonus track featuring drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC-Dio-Queensrÿche), currently with Dio Disciples.
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Stagma attends NAMM convention, Anaheim Ca.
This past weekend at the NAMM convention in Anaheim, Alex met up with Joe Petro, Patrick Johansson and Vinny Appice
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Patrick Johansson joins Stagma
Stagma are delighted to announce that Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen, W.A.S.P.) will join the band as the final drummer to complete our debut
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A busy week in Lisbon
PressPlay Studios are happy to announce that Joe Petro’s bass tracks are complete and we wish him a safe trip
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Off to a flying start
Alex welcomed Joe to Lisbon on Sunday, and after a relaxing evening Stagma’s bassist and rhythm guitarist got straight down
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Neil is joining Alex and Joe in Lisbon
You wait ages for a guitarist and then three come along at once. Or is that buses? Fabulous news this
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Joe Petro will be recording in Portugal
Great news for Stagma today. We are delighted that Joe will be joining Alex in Portugal to record bass on
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Happy Birthday, Vinny
Today is Vinny’s birthday. So let’s raise a glass (or two) and wish our drummer a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s
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