Stagma: The band is in the studio


The EP, Stagma, is coming together. In a Facebook post at the weekend Alex reported that he has started ‘laying down guitars over Vinny Appice’s heavy drumming’. Vinny is presently in his studio in LA and has laid down two of the seven tracks on STAGMA’s debut EP. Soon the other members of this rock collaboration will be making their own contribution to the album: Alex and Neil Fraser on guitars, and Joe Petro, also recording from LA, on bass.

We’ll have more details as to the format and availability of Stagma the EP soon.

Pickbay Necklaces

STAGMA is proud to announce our support from Pickbay Necklaces. PickBay guitar pick holder necklaces are the coolest way to show off
your favourite picks! Each PickBay pendant can hold up to 3 picks.

Coffin Case Co., Los Angeles

STAGMA is pleased to announce that we are being supported by the Coffin Case Co. from Los Angeles CA. We agree that nothing looks better together than guitars and basses protected by Coffin cases. Look out for a double-neck bass case for Joe Petro’s 4×8 string coming by the end of 2016.

For more information, please check out their website or Facebook page at the addresses below: