Rob Mancini is the vocalist for Stagma

Stagma, the heavy rock collaboration formed by composer/guitarist Alexandre Santos, and featuring bassist Joe Petro, lead guitarist Neil Fraser, and drummers Vinny Appice and Patrick Johansson, confirmed that Irish singer and lyricist, Rob Mancini, will add lead vocals to their debut album, Stagma.

Rob, who has previously worked with Alex Santos on Scar For Life’s 2014 release, Worlds Entwined, and is well known for his rough vocal lines, harmonies and killer riffs, has been adding lead vocals for Stagma’s debut album from his studio in Ireland.

‘The band are delighted to have singer Rob Mancini on board and he has already tracked vocals for half of Stagma’s debut album,’ Stagma posted on their Facebook page, ‘In a recent post, Rob said of his progress: “Some recording session at the minute! I’m on … fire! This will be some hell of an album,” and commented on how much he is, “Looking forward to the madness and everything that comes with it.”’

The news was released today and you can read the Press Release here.