Joe Petro

Photo credit: Daniel Traitemberg
Joe Petro is an American bass player/songwriter born in the city of Waterbury Connecticut.

In 1981, Joe started performing in clubs and from 1982-1993 he played with various bands on the local Connecticut club scene. In 1995 Joe moved to Hollywood CA and joined the hard rock blues band Sonic Jungle, who supported a string of shows with metal band Ratt and Tommy Aldridge’s (Ozzy Osbourne/Black Oak Arkansas) solo band.

Joe joined the Hollywood-based glam band Spiders and Snakes in 2000. Signed to Cleopatra records, Spiders and Snakes toured throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Arizona, then in 2003, Joe formed a Black Sabbath cover band, Forever Say Die, and re-signed with Cleopatra records to record a cover of Black Sabbath’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath CD titled Evil Lives. This featured Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint/Odin) on guitar and power drummer Tim Yasui (Spiders and Snakes/London). In 2004, Forever Say Die record Bark at the Moon for an Ozzy Osbourne compilation CD.

In 2005, Joe joined Joe Leste’s Bang Tango and the Vagabonds and went on to tour with Bang Tango throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, supporting Metal Shop at the Roxy and ending with a final show at the Malibu Inn, supporting Gilby Clark of G&R. Then, in 2006 Joe joined Stuart Smith’s Heaven and Earth and signed with BlackStar records. For the release of their album Heaven and Earth, Joe performed live shows and also supporting the band on Alice Cooper’s radio show Coopertown.

Thereafter, Joe performed with Heaven and Earth at live shows in support of Cheap Trick, Leslie West (Mountain), Europe, Blue Öyster Cult and Pat Travers, with added special guests to the Heaven and Earth line-up of Howard Lees (Heart) Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow) and Joe Retta (Sweet), and co-wrote When the Stars Collide with Heaven and Earth featuring vocalist Keith St John (Montrose) and Stuart Smith.

In 2013, Joe joined guitarists Chris Holmes and Randy Piper (WASP) to perform  live shows in support of a future band project and performed with Randy Piper at Paladinos Rock Club in Reseda CA  for Kevin Estrada in support of the campaign against human trafficking. In 2014, Joe joined Tony West’s Blacklist Union with John E. Love (Love/Hate) on guitar and performed on the music video for Digging for Gold, which can be found on YouTube. Then in 2015, Joe recorded seven tracks for neo-classical power metal band Spelled Moon, with drummer Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen) and founding member Andy Sarcone Rooney.

Joe is currently involved with new heavy rock band Stagma. Founded by Alex Santos (Scar For Life), Stagma is a true international rock collaboration, featuring musicians from Europe (Neil Fraser and Alex Santos on guitars) and the United States (Vinny Appice on drums). Stagma are currently mixing and producing their debut album, the self-titled Stagma, in California and Portugal.

Joe uses many different combinations of amplification, sometimes splitting into two signals for stereo sound. He is not limited to any bass in particular and has a love and appreciation for the classic-hard rock arena sound. Joe chooses Rotosound, D’A’darrio,and Elixr bass strings and vintage Ampeg amplification. His pedal board is forever changing depending on what band he is involved with.