Neil Fraser

12511796_1038710352860382_965997201_nAside from the first nine years of his life, Neil Fraser has been playing guitar for a lifetime.

He played guitar in a variety of bands in the eighties and session guitar on various demo recordings for various local artists around the same time. In 1999 Neil met up with keyboard player, vocalist, producer and songwriter Paul Hodson (ex Magnum, TEN and others) and recorded some solos for the then yet to be released second Hodson album. On the back of the solos recorded for Hodson, Neil’s name was put forward to the band TEN as a possible replacement lead guitarist for the then recently departed Chris Francis. Neil was accepted by TEN and went on to record lead guitars the album Stormwarning (Frontiers).

In 2011 Neil parted company with TEN and joined forces with Ged Rylands (ex TEN and others), where he went on to record lead guitars on the Rage of Angels debut album, Dreamworld in 2012, which was released in 2013. Neil played live with Rage of Angels in 2014, appearing in England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden and playing what is likely to be the last live Rage of Angels performance at Firefest 2014 in Nottingham, England.

Neil met up with Alexandre Santos (Scar For Life) back in 2012/2013 and recorded a guest guitar solo on their compilation album, Retrospective. Since then Neil and Alex have become good friends and developed a mutual respect for each other. In 2013, a collaboration project was put together by Alex Santos going under the name of D.N.A., which involved Alex, Neil and vocalist David Reed Watson. The five track EP, Life, was the result of this collaboration and is available on iTunes. Alex continued working hard, writing a new album for Scar for life and releasing the album Worlds Entwined (Escape Music) in 2014, on which Neil featured with a guest guitar solo on the song Vendetta.

2016 saw the release of the second Rage of Angels album The Devil’s New Tricks (Escape Music) on which Neil recorded a number of guest guitar solos. Neil has also become involved with UK band Iconic Eye and is playing live both in UK and Europe. Most recently, Neil has become involved with Alex Santos’s STAGMA and recorded guitar solos for the band’s forthcoming album and their first single, ‘Pokerface’, released in October 2017.

Exciting times ahead.