Bonus track featuring AC/DC’s Simon Wright on Stagma’s debut album

STAGMA is pleased to announce the addition of a bonus track featuring drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC-Dio-Queensrÿche), currently with Dio Disciples.

Joe Petro met Simon in passing during Ace Frehley’s show in California in February and they discussed the possibility of getting Simon involved to record one last track with STAGMA, to complete the band’s debut to be released this year. Simon was kind enough to open up his very busy schedule and accommodate the offer. The original scratch track was composed by Alex Santos within a week, with drums, bass and guitars included. Soon after the track was shared with Neil Fraser for lead guitar and Joe Petro for 8 string bass. The track was completed within two weeks and it has turned out to be the perfect send off for the album’s completion.

We are delighted with the finished track and honoured to have Simon’s involvement in the mix. Simon’s drumming contributed the perfect groove for the song and we thank him for his time and professionalism in completing STAGMA’s first chapter.

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