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OUT NOW!! STAGMA release ‘Pokerface’: New single and lyric video

After 18 months of preparation, heavy rock collaboration, Stagma, have released their first single, ‘Pokerface’, from their debut album. Featuring Vinny Appice on drums, ‘Pokerface’ is now available to download from all good streaming services. Accompanying the digital download, Stagma have also issued an official lyric video.

Alongside Vinny on drums, ‘Pokerface features lead singer Rob Mancini, bassist Joe Petro, lead guitarist Neil Fraser and rhythm guitarist Alexandre Santos. Rob Mancini is currently recording the final tracks from his studio in Ireland as Alex mixes and produces at PressPlay studios in Lisbon. ‘Pokerface’ serves as the first taste of the band’s eagerly-awaited debut album.

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Rob Mancini is the vocalist for Stagma

Stagma, the heavy rock collaboration formed by composer/guitarist Alexandre Santos, and featuring bassist Joe Petro, lead guitarist Neil Fraser, and drummers Vinny Appice and Patrick Johansson, confirmed that Irish singer and lyricist, Rob Mancini, will add lead vocals to their debut album, Stagma.

Rob, who has previously worked with Alex Santos on Scar For Life’s 2014 release, Worlds Entwined, and is well known for his rough vocal lines, harmonies and killer riffs, has been adding lead vocals for Stagma’s debut album from his studio in Ireland.

‘The band are delighted to have singer Rob Mancini on board and he has already tracked vocals for half of Stagma’s debut album,’ Stagma posted on their Facebook page, ‘In a recent post, Rob said of his progress: “Some recording session at the minute! I’m on … fire! This will be some hell of an album,” and commented on how much he is, “Looking forward to the madness and everything that comes with it.”’

The news was released today and you can read the Press Release here.

Gaming composer Jeroen Tel to appear on Stagma’s debut album

Stagma are delighted to announce that our debut album will feature a cinematic introduction from video game composer, Jeroen Tel.

The legendary Dutch composer and video-game pioneer, and co-founder of the Maniacs of Noise, will provide a newly-composed introduction to the album. Best known in the 1980s and early 1990s for writing numerous computer game tunes for the Commodore 64, Jeroen Tel has produced a range of electronic music, from electronic orchestral pieces to dubstep. Now he will be bringing his unique talents to Stagma’s heavy rock anthems.

The news was released today and you can read the Press Release here


Bonus track featuring AC/DC’s Simon Wright on Stagma’s debut album

STAGMA is pleased to announce the addition of a bonus track featuring drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC-Dio-Queensrÿche), currently with Dio Disciples.

Joe Petro met Simon in passing during Ace Frehley’s show in California in February and they discussed the possibility of getting Simon involved to record one last track with STAGMA, to complete the band’s debut to be released this year. Simon was kind enough to open up his very busy schedule and accommodate the offer. The original scratch track was composed by Alex Santos within a week, with drums, bass and guitars included. Soon after the track was shared with Neil Fraser for lead guitar and Joe Petro for 8 string bass. The track was completed within two weeks and it has turned out to be the perfect send off for the album’s completion.

We are delighted with the finished track and honoured to have Simon’s involvement in the mix. Simon’s drumming contributed the perfect groove for the song and we thank him for his time and professionalism in completing STAGMA’s first chapter.

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Stagma attends NAMM convention, Anaheim Ca.

This past weekend at the NAMM convention in Anaheim, Alex met up with Joe Petro, Patrick Johansson and Vinny Appice in between meetings with possible sponsors in support of the band’s debut album. It was a flying visit for Alex but a great opportunity to get together with other members of Stagma to discuss future plans for our upcoming album release.

Below are a couple of images from the weekend, we hope to bring you some more soon.

Alex, Joe and Vinny at NAMM 2017

Joe, Patrick and Alex at NAMM 2017

Joe, Patrick and Alex at NAMM 2017

Patrick Johansson joins Stagma

Stagma are delighted to announce that Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen, W.A.S.P.) will join the band as the final drummer to complete our debut album, Stagma. Patrick has recorded drums for the last four songs making it a full-album release. His versatile drumming style locks in perfectly with Stagma’s heavy and melodic groove.

patrick-johansson-drummer-with-stagmaBorn in Falun, Sweden, Patrick currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida, adding a further international aspect to Stagma. In addition to performing with Yngwie Malmsteen, Johansson has performed with American metal band W.A.S.P. among others.

Alex Santos has written four new songs, for what will now be a full eleven-track album, including seven songs previously recorded by Black Sabbath/Dio drummer Vinny Appice. This past Fall in Portugal, Joe Petro and Neil Fraser joined Alex to record bass, lead and rhythm guitar at Alex’s PressPlay Studios in Lisbon. The album is currently being mixed and produced by Alex and is due for release this coming year, 2017.

To see the full press release, click here.

A busy week in Lisbon

PressPlay Studios are happy to announce that Joe Petro’s bass tracks are complete and we wish him a safe trip back to Los Angeles from Lisbon. The visit achieved much more than we expected and when guitarist Neil Fraser flew in for a visit this allowed the band to come together further as a solid unit.

Joe will be posting images of some of the many sights that Alex has showed him during his visit. Look out for these beautiful points of interest from Portugal shortly.


Off to a flying start

Alex welcomed Joe to Lisbon on Sunday, and after a relaxing evening Stagma’s bassist and rhythm guitarist got straight down to business first thing on Monday.

After a busy day, Joe has already wrapped two tracks at PressPlay, his performance described by an excited Alex as ‘huge’.

The boys are back in the studio today and we hope to have more news for you soon.


Neil is joining Alex and Joe in Lisbon

You wait ages for a guitarist and then three come along at once. Or is that buses?

Fabulous news this morning as Neil Fraser confirmed that he will be joining Joe and Alex at PressPlay Music in Lisbon next weekend to record tracks for Stagma‘s debut album. A hyper-busy weekend is planned, as Neil will only be around for a couple of days, but all being well – alongside a hectic recording schedule – there will be time for a little relaxation, sightseeing and some of that always warm Portuguese hospitality.

Building on the sterling work provided by Vinny at his studio in LA in August, adding Neil’s lead guitar, Alex’s rhythm guitar and Joe’s bass will nearly put the finishing touches to Stagma, the band’s debut album. We’re certainly looking forward to hearing the fruits of their labours.

Joe Petro will be recording in Portugal

Great news for Stagma today. We are delighted that Joe will be joining Alex in Portugal to record bass on Stagma’s album. Arriving in Lisbon on 25 September, Joe will be spending a hectic two weeks recording with Alex at PressPlay Music.  During that time we hope to take some time out to show him the sights and sounds of Lisbon and give him a great Portuguese welcome.

On announcing his decision, Joe said: “I am honored to take the necessary steps in recording with Stagma at Press Play studios in Lisbon and super excited to have Vinny Appice involved on the drum tracks. Can’t think of a better way to start the fall season recording with very talented and humble people”.

We hope to bring you some great photos of Joe’s trip and leave him with some great memories of Stagma and Portugal.

Happy Birthday, Vinny

Today is Vinny’s birthday. So let’s raise a glass (or two) and wish our drummer a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Here’s the great man in action …

Stagma to release full ten-track album

We are pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing a full ten track album instead of the seven track EP originally planned. A delighted Alex said, “We are old fashioned, we’ll be recording a full-length STAGMA album instead of an EP!”

Vinny has already laid down his signature powerful drumming on several tracks in his studio in Los Angeles and Alex Santos is writing three more songs for Stagma, the album, and preparing to add rhythm guitars at PressPlay studios in Lisbon. In September, Joe Petro and Neil Fraser will join Alex in Lisbon to record bass and guitars at PressPlay, so all being well there will be an opportunity for more photos and videos. On completion the album will be mixed and produced at Alex’s PressPlay Music studios in Lisbon.

We’re really happy to bring you this news and the band is really excited to be putting together an album that we hope everyone will love.

A view from LA …

Things are coming together nicely. Stagma are in the studio, recording tracks for for our debut release.

Vinny Appice, our drummer, has already laid down his signature powerful style on several tracks at his studio in Los Angeles and Alex is preparing to add rhythm guitars at PressPlay studios in Lisbon. All being well Joe Petro will join Alex in Lisbon to add bass and later lead guitar, by Neil Fraser, will be added soon after.

On completion the music will be mixed and produced at Alex’s PressPlay Music studios in Lisbon.

The photo at the head of this post was kindly provided by Vinny straight from his studio.

Al Bane for leather

Stagma are proud to announce that we are being supported by Al Bane, master leather smith of North Hollywood, USA. Al is a one-stop shop for all of your custom leather needs: clothing and accessories, repairs and alterations, guitar straps, gig bags, wireless transmitter holders, tour support and motor clothes.

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Stagma: The band is in the studio


The EP, Stagma, is coming together. In a Facebook post at the weekend Alex reported that he has started ‘laying down guitars over Vinny Appice’s heavy drumming’. Vinny is presently in his studio in LA and has laid down two of the seven tracks on STAGMA’s debut EP. Soon the other members of this rock collaboration will be making their own contribution to the album: Alex and Neil Fraser on guitars, and Joe Petro, also recording from LA, on bass.

We’ll have more details as to the format and availability of Stagma the EP soon.

Pickbay Necklaces

STAGMA is proud to announce our support from Pickbay Necklaces. PickBay guitar pick holder necklaces are the coolest way to show off
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Coffin Case Co., Los Angeles

STAGMA is pleased to announce that we are being supported by the Coffin Case Co. from Los Angeles CA. We agree that nothing looks better together than guitars and basses protected by Coffin cases. Look out for a double-neck bass case for Joe Petro’s 4×8 string coming by the end of 2016.

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Introducing Stagma

The news about Vinny Appice joining Stagma in the studio were reported far and wide yesterday, with news being posted as far away as Australia and Brazil, which was fabulous. But Stagma is filled with great musicians, so here is a brief introduction the the rest of the band:

NEIL live

On lead guitar is Neil Fraser, who has been playing guitar since the age of nine and has created waves in rock music with a variety of bands from the eighties onward,  including TEN and Rage of Angels. Neil met up with Alex  back in 2012/2013 and recorded a guest guitar solo on their compilation album, Retrospective, and the collaboration project, D.N.A.

FullSizeRenderOn rhythm guitar is Alex Santos, who has been writing music and playing guitar since the age of fourteen. In 2008 he founded Heavy Rock band Scar For Life and has composed, produced and mixed songs for four studio albums for the band and worked on collaborations with Neil Fraser and Vinny Appice, who featured on Scar For Life’s 2014 album, Worlds Entwined.

On bass is Joe Petro, born in Waterbury CT, who has been performing and composing since the 1980s. After performing in the local Connecticut club scene with various bands, Joe moved to Hollywood CA in 1995 and joined the hard rock blues band Sonic Jungle.

12311279_10153682939528329_6428717711741198013_n (1)

In 2000, Joe joined the Hollywood-based glam band Spiders and Snakes, then formed a Black Sabbath cover band, Forever Say Die. After featuring in a number of bands, Joe joined Stuart Smith’s Heaven and Earth which supported the band on Alice Cooper’s radio show (Coopertown) as well as Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Pat Travers and others. Since then, Joe has worked with Blacklist Union and the neo-classical power metal band, Spelled Moon.

The band is currently sourcing a singer who can provide the powerful vocals/lyrics that Stagma is looking for, we’ll have more news about that as the search unfolds.

Stagma lineup confirmed


Today  we were delighted to publicly announce that drumming legend Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio) will join us to complete the lineup to record our debut EP.

Vinny Appice, who has formed the backbone of such bands as Dio, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell and more, live and in the studio, has recorded and co-written songs on over 25 albums, including many multi-platinum records. With over two decades of touring and the sale of millions of records behind him, the other members of Stagma are delighted that he will be joining us in the studio.

“I grew up listening to Vinny’s drumming,” said Lisbon-based guitarist Alex Santos. “For me, he’s one of the heaviest drummers in rock history with a very personal style. Having Vinny on board is a privilege and he will add the vital ingredient that Stagma is looking for …”

The band’s debut EP, also titled Stagma, is due to be released later this year. Alex has composed seven new songs and the band has been recording in Lisbon and LA. The EP will be mixed and produced at Alex’s PressPlay Music studios in Lisbon.