Stagma’s debut album is OUT NOW

Heavy rock band Stagma, the international musical collaboration featuring artists from Europe and the US, have dropped their debut album, the self-titled ‘Stagma’. The album, released on Lisbon-based Headshell Records, contains twelve tracks of Stagma’s signature heavy rock, including an introduction and conclusion by legendary videogame composer, Jeroen Tel.

Producer, composer and Stagma’s rhythm guitarist, Alex Santos says of working alongside Rob Mancini, Neil Fraser, Joe Petro, Vinny Appice, Patrick Johansson, and Jeroen Tel: ‘We’re really pleased that such a talented group of musicians could come together. We combined our efforts and produced an album we’re really proud of.’

He added: ‘When Simon Wright of AC/DC came on board to add drums to ‘Sister Sister’, it was then we knew we had something special.’ Having played and toured with acts such as TEN, Heaven and Earth, Black Sabbath, Maniacs of Noise, Yngwie Malmsteen, Scar For Life, Boneyard Dog, and others, these seasoned musicians plan to keep on producing more music for Stagma.

Watch Stagma’s single, ‘Promise Me’, here:

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What others are saying about Stagma:
“Musically it is heavy melodic rock with groove and catchiness, and the production is good and pretty exciting … Good vocals and good production, good variation through the songs as well. … a great melodic rock album that … manages to sound fresh and interesting” –

“Stagma alternates catchy moments with other more heavy and dark, for a final result that is good from the production point of view, but hard enough for most classic melodic fans.” –

“The sound quality of the album is really heavy and aggressive as modern Heavy Metal demands to be, but with that essential clarity. … All the songs are really great, … so listen the album from the beginning to its end.” – Metal Temple

Stagma features Jeroen Tel with ‘To be continued …’

Renowned for his C64 SID soundtracks, Stagma were honoured when Jeroen Tel joined the band to record two tracks for our debut album. The first anthem, ‘Genesis’ is a fitting introduction and the concluding track, ‘To Be Continued…’ is a promise of things to come.

We hope that you will enjoy this exclusive release of ‘To Be Continued …’ and that you are looking forward to the release of the full album this Friday 6 April. In the meantime please like and follow our Facebook page and that of Headshell Records and join us on Instagram at @stagmaofficial for more goodies.

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STAGMA go back to basics with their new album

Today, Stagma are delighted to issue a PRESS RELEASE that is sure to fill all of our friends and supporters with excitement:

Ever since international super group Stagma invaded the airwaves in October with the release of their first single, ‘Pokerface’, the world has been waiting for the band to release their new album. The self-titled album, Stagma, will drop on 6 April 2018 and there’s more …

The first track ‘Genesis’, is an electronic introduction from gaming legend Jeroen Tel, and because the Commodore 64 had the most awesome music in the business (just like Stagma), Headshell Records and Stagma’s producer/composer Alex Santos have decided that the band’s debut album will be released exclusively in 8-bit making use of an SID chip for the Commodore 64! No more downloads, now you can own a piece of music history on a piece of computing history!

Remixed specially for its release on repurposed Commodore 64 games cartridges, the twelve song album, which will include a bonus track, ‘Castaway’ featuring AC/DC’s Simon Wright on drums, will be available exclusively from Headshell Records ( The cartridge will also feature an exclusive Stagma: The Game, where you can choose to be ‘Alex’, ‘Vinny’, ‘Rob’, ‘Neil’, ‘Joe’, ‘Patrick’, ‘Simon’ or ‘Jeroen’ and compose your own heavy rock masterpiece. Just like Stagma.

You can see the full PRESS RELEASE below, and to pre-order the C64 cartridge filled with heavy rock goodness, click here.

Stagma are streaming new track – ‘Promise Me’

Prior to the release of their new album, available from 6 April 2018 from Headshell Records and all good download services, STAGMA are streaming a new video, ‘Promise Me’, which is out now. ‘Promise Me’ is the third single from the band’s first studio recording and like ‘Pokerface’ and ‘Bounty Hunter’ features Vinny Appice on drums, Rob Mancini on lead vocals, Neil Fraser on lead guitar, Joe Petro on base and Alex Santos on rhythm guitar.

The album, the self-titled, Stagma, has been described as a ‘labour of love’ by the band, which also features Patrick Johansson and Simon Wright on drums. Alex Santos, who produced and mixed all of the songs on the album, including ‘Promise Me’, said he was ‘thrilled with the response’ for the first singles and aims ‘to keep making new music’ for STAGMA. ‘Promise Me’ is also available exclusively from Headshell Records.

Watch ‘Promise Me’ below.

Stagma are:
Rob Mancini (vocals)
Alexandre Santos (rhythm guitars)
Neil Fraser (lead guitars)
Joe Petro (bass)
Vinny Appice (drums)

‘Bounty Hunter’ now available from Headshell Records

With over 22,000 views on YouTube, Headshell Records are delighted to announce that ‘Bounty Hunter‘ by STAGMA is now available for digital purchase from their website.

Featuring Vinny Appice on drums, ‘Bounty Hunter’ is the second single released by the international group following ‘Pokerface’ released late last year (which is also available from Headshell and all good streaming services).

Buy ‘Bounty Hunter’ directly from Headshell Records’ shop today, or watch it exclusively on YouTube:

STAGMA release new single: ‘Bounty Hunter’

International heavy rock band, Stagma, has released the second track from their upcoming new album, Stagma. The new album will be released on 6 April via Headshell Records and the international six-piece band’s latest single is ‘Bounty Hunter’. Featuring Vinny Appice on drums, the track is now available to hear exclusively on YouTube.

Alongside Vinny on drums, ‘Bounty Hunter’ features lead singer Rob Mancini, bassist Joe Petro, lead guitarist Neil Fraser and rhythm guitarist Alexandre Santos. Mixed and produced at PressPlay studios in Lisbon, ‘Bounty Hunter’ is a worthy addition to the band’s collection and serves as another taste of the Stagma’s eagerly-awaited debut album. The first single released from Stagma was ‘Pokerface’ which was released in October 2017.

Watch ‘Bounty Hunter’ on YouTube:

Stagma confirm: Our new album will be released on 6 April 2018

In October, international collaboration Stagma invaded the airwaves with the release of their first single, ‘Pokerface’. Today, the band unveiled a new chapter in their career with confirmation of the release date for their new album. The self-titled, Stagma will come out on 6 April 2018 and will feature 10 songs. You can see the track listing for the album below. The first track is ‘Genesis’, an electronic introduction from gaming legend Jeroen Tel, and ‘Sister Sister’ features Simon Wright of AC/DC on drums.

Stagma was the brainchild of Alex Santos, guitarist, producer and composer with Scar For Life, who joined forces with Joe Petro (Heaven and Earth), Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath/Dio), Neil Fraser (TEN, Rage of Angels) and with the intention of forming a new heavy rock supergroup. Stagma was born out of this collaboration, which was completed with the addition of lyricist/vocalist Rob Mancini (Scar For Life, Boneyard Dog) and drummer Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen, W.A.S.P.). The album was produced by Alex and will be released through Headshell Records.

The album will available to download from all good streaming services and pre-orders for the CD, which will include a bonus track, ‘Castaway’, can be made from Headshell Records (

Track List:
01 GENESIS (intro)

*Bonus track on CD.

Stagma are:
Rob Mancini (vocals)
Alexandre Santos (rhythm guitars)
Neil Fraser (lead guitars)
Joe Petro (bass)

Vinny Appice (drums on tracks 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 08, 10)
Patrick Johansson (drums on tracks 06, 09, 11)

Simon Wright (drums on track 07)
Jeroen Tel (synths, keyboards on 01, 03 and 10)
Dinho (screams on track 08)

All songs written by Alexandre Santos. Except for ‘Genesis’, written and arranged by Jeroen Tel
All lyrics by Rob Mancini
Songs arranged by STAGMA

Mixing and mastering by Alexandre Santos

Artwork by Zacarias d’Araujo

OUT NOW!! STAGMA release ‘Pokerface’: New single and lyric video

After 18 months of preparation, heavy rock collaboration, Stagma, have released their first single, ‘Pokerface’, from their debut album. Featuring Vinny Appice on drums, ‘Pokerface’ is now available to download from all good streaming services. Accompanying the digital download, Stagma have also issued an official lyric video.

Alongside Vinny on drums, ‘Pokerface features lead singer Rob Mancini, bassist Joe Petro, lead guitarist Neil Fraser and rhythm guitarist Alexandre Santos. Rob Mancini is currently recording the final tracks from his studio in Ireland as Alex mixes and produces at PressPlay studios in Lisbon. ‘Pokerface’ serves as the first taste of the band’s eagerly-awaited debut album.

Watch ‘Pokerface’ on YouTube:

Listen to ‘Pokerface on Spotify:

Listen to ‘Pokerface on Apple Music:

STAGMA to release new single, ‘Pokerface’, with official lyric video

On 16 October 2017, Stagma, the heavy rock collaboration formed by composer/guitarist Alexandre Santos, and featuring lead singer Rob Mancini, bassist Joe Petro, lead guitarist Neil Fraser, and drummers Vinny Appice and Patrick Johansson, will release the first single, ‘Pokerface’, from their self-titled debut album. Available from digital stores worldwide, it will be accompanied by a lyric video with artwork by Zacarias D’Araujo. ‘Pokerface’ serves as the first taste of the band’s eagerly-awaited debut album and features Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath/Dio) on drums.

See the full press release here.

Rob Mancini is the vocalist for Stagma

Stagma, the heavy rock collaboration formed by composer/guitarist Alexandre Santos, and featuring bassist Joe Petro, lead guitarist Neil Fraser, and drummers Vinny Appice and Patrick Johansson, confirmed that Irish singer and lyricist, Rob Mancini, will add lead vocals to their debut album, Stagma.

Rob, who has previously worked with Alex Santos on Scar For Life’s 2014 release, Worlds Entwined, and is well known for his rough vocal lines, harmonies and killer riffs, has been adding lead vocals for Stagma’s debut album from his studio in Ireland.

‘The band are delighted to have singer Rob Mancini on board and he has already tracked vocals for half of Stagma’s debut album,’ Stagma posted on their Facebook page, ‘In a recent post, Rob said of his progress: “Some recording session at the minute! I’m on … fire! This will be some hell of an album,” and commented on how much he is, “Looking forward to the madness and everything that comes with it.”’

The news was released today and you can read the Press Release here.