STAGMA go back to basics with their new album

Today, Stagma are delighted to issue a PRESS RELEASE that is sure to fill all of our friends and supporters with excitement:

Ever since international super group Stagma invaded the airwaves in October with the release of their first single, ‘Pokerface’, the world has been waiting for the band to release their new album. The self-titled album, Stagma, will drop on 6 April 2018 and there’s more …

The first track ‘Genesis’, is an electronic introduction from gaming legend Jeroen Tel, and because the Commodore 64 had the most awesome music in the business (just like Stagma), Headshell Records and Stagma’s producer/composer Alex Santos have decided that the band’s debut album will be released exclusively in 8-bit making use of an SID chip for the Commodore 64! No more downloads, now you can own a piece of music history on a piece of computing history!

Remixed specially for its release on repurposed Commodore 64 games cartridges, the twelve song album, which will include a bonus track, ‘Castaway’ featuring AC/DC’s Simon Wright on drums, will be available exclusively from Headshell Records ( The cartridge will also feature an exclusive Stagma: The Game, where you can choose to be ‘Alex’, ‘Vinny’, ‘Rob’, ‘Neil’, ‘Joe’, ‘Patrick’, ‘Simon’ or ‘Jeroen’ and compose your own heavy rock masterpiece. Just like Stagma.

You can see the full PRESS RELEASE below, and to pre-order the C64 cartridge filled with heavy rock goodness, click here.