Stagma to release full ten-track album

We are pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing a full ten track album instead of the seven track EP originally planned. A delighted Alex said, “We are old fashioned, we’ll be recording a full-length STAGMA album instead of an EP!”

Vinny has already laid down his signature powerful drumming on several tracks in his studio in Los Angeles and Alex Santos is writing three more songs for Stagma, the album, and preparing to add rhythm guitars at PressPlay studios in Lisbon. In September, Joe Petro and Neil Fraser will join Alex in Lisbon to record bass and guitars at PressPlay, so all being well there will be an opportunity for more photos and videos. On completion the album will be mixed and produced at Alex’s PressPlay Music studios in Lisbon.

We’re really happy to bring you this news and the band is really excited to be putting together an album that we hope everyone will love.