Stagma’s debut album is OUT NOW

Heavy rock band Stagma, the international musical collaboration featuring artists from Europe and the US, have dropped their debut album, the self-titled ‘Stagma’. The album, released on Lisbon-based Headshell Records, contains twelve tracks of Stagma’s signature heavy rock, including an introduction and conclusion by legendary videogame composer, Jeroen Tel.

Producer, composer and Stagma’s rhythm guitarist, Alex Santos says of working alongside Rob Mancini, Neil Fraser, Joe Petro, Vinny Appice, Patrick Johansson, and Jeroen Tel: ‘We’re really pleased that such a talented group of musicians could come together. We combined our efforts and produced an album we’re really proud of.’

He added: ‘When Simon Wright of AC/DC came on board to add drums to ‘Sister Sister’, it was then we knew we had something special.’ Having played and toured with acts such as TEN, Heaven and Earth, Black Sabbath, Maniacs of Noise, Yngwie Malmsteen, Scar For Life, Boneyard Dog, and others, these seasoned musicians plan to keep on producing more music for Stagma.

Watch Stagma’s single, ‘Promise Me’, here:

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What others are saying about Stagma:
“Musically it is heavy melodic rock with groove and catchiness, and the production is good and pretty exciting … Good vocals and good production, good variation through the songs as well. … a great melodic rock album that … manages to sound fresh and interesting” –

“Stagma alternates catchy moments with other more heavy and dark, for a final result that is good from the production point of view, but hard enough for most classic melodic fans.” –

“The sound quality of the album is really heavy and aggressive as modern Heavy Metal demands to be, but with that essential clarity. … All the songs are really great, … so listen the album from the beginning to its end.” – Metal Temple