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Shy girls often worry about whether men are going to be interested in them. They have this perception that their shyness or introverted nature is going to prevent them from finding love. Do guys like shy girls or outgoing girls more? The truth is that it comes down to what the individual is looking for.

Name: Jillene

Age: I'm 24 years old

But the first and most crucial step to attraction is flipping that switch and changing your vibe. Nice job Michaela. In my book, The Irresistible IntrovertI talk about the power of looking up.

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The idea of lowering your guard seems scary and overwhelming. Good to see this kind of advice going out. And a couple of these tips, primarily 1, raise quite the red flags for me. Believe me or not, I try various things, and only acting and pretending being an extravert brought me some effects. I know that my light IS bright, I just have to remember to flip my switch on!

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And even if he does, thinking of him as the only guy for you will scare him away. You fantasize about a perfect prince of a man sweeping you off your feet. The next time ANY man approaches you, resist the urge to put up a wall. Annabel on October 10, at am.

Science of sexy: 5 things that can make you irresistible piper piper is a funny, sweet, outgoing girl.

Being irresistible to good men is not about pretending or striving. Jon on March 22, at pm. And then you frantically try to take the shields down, open up, and be inviting towards him. Looking forward for more articles like this one!

You do NOT have to change your personality to be attractive to a man.

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I like what you said about focusing on having a good time, instead of overthinking-great advice. Thank you, this was so helpful! I can totally relate to this article.

Do men like quiet women?

I know how you feel. The idea that you have to be chatty and overtly flirtatious to be attractive to men is a myth. As an introvert and a guy, it was always easier to connect with female extroverts because there was more visibly there to connect with! They were light and fun around men, which is what I thought all men wanted. Can you see the problem with this approach?

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What you write applies to introverted or shy men too. Men are drawn to your light and your words become secondary.

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No man deserves to be on a pedestal. Darla Running on March 22, at pm. Paul on April 2, at am. Worse still, most of the dating advice out there is deed for extroverted women. Innies like to have deep connections with a few special people, this is a good way to find them. Your article really resonated with me.

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But is this really the. Men are a hundred times more likely to approach you when your nose is not buried in your phone or Kindle. Thanks so much for sharing that Jon! Thanks for appreciating what us quiet women have to offer. The secret to changing your vibe quickly is to flick the switch before you even go out. Learn how to turn yourself on, and then glow unapologetically for every man—and every human, for that matter—you meet. So, you walk around with a closed vibe until you come across a man you like.

Michaela Osiecki on June 28, at pm. Michaela is so right.

Welcome to regain!

As an introverted young woman, I always thought that my introversion scared men. There are many types od introverts, including those sensual. You saw bubbly, Goofy outgoing girlfriend girls get the guy in school, while you felt awkward and frozen in place with the men you liked.

As a quiet, introverted woman myself, I used to feel deeply insecure about my personality. For more practical tools to open up, be more sensual, and truly glow on dates, download my free First Date Checklist For Introverted Women. And only him. Obviously I put up a huge wall. Yes, Darla! Meanwhile, you spend more time having conversations in your head with the man you like than actually talking to him.

The experts tell you to just get out there more, flirt, and follow a bunch of rules to get a guy to like you. Give them a chance. You see, many women talk a lot, but never connect in conversation. As an introverted woman, you probably have a pretty active imagination.

Your advice also applies to anyone who wants to meet new people for networking, looking for a business partner, an investor, a mentor or anyone who wants to connect with someone new. Flip the switch and you glow like a star for every man you meet.

I know you might feel some resistance to this. Open Your Fortune Cookie.

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I wished that I could be like the other girls who seemed to always know what to say and when to say it. Girlady Bouvier on March 22, at pm.

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My sister, even though overweight, was constantly getting hit on. Michaela on March 22, at pm. That is to say that their overall energy, confidenceand the way they carry themselves is highly attractive. Instead, look him in the eyes and receive whatever he is offering— whether it is a compliment, an introduction, or a dinner date. Lesterre on May 12, at am. Do Men Like Quiet Women?

The mystery of the talkative introvert

As an innie who is an attractive woman, I always wondered why so few men approached me. Picturing her brilliant smile when she talks to people made me understand what you are taking about. Quiet introverted women are most certainly attractive to men. Wassa on March 25, at am. Please do share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Thanks so much for sharing that! Michaela on March 23, at am. Right on the money advice. John on March 23, at pm. A lot of…. Shyness is attractive. The overthinking is still there, but I use it as a compass am I anxious because I do like this guy or the other way around?

Many people assume that introverts dread returning to normal after lockdown. Georgia on February 27, at pm. Of course, you will have to say something. They are too young, too old, too poor, too short, too pompous.

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You can use these questions to ask anyone, male or female.

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They can be very confusing to their Extraverted friends and colleagues.