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While therapists and life coaches will tell you the best way to reduce stress is to work fewer hours or avoid tense situations, in our fast-paced modern world this can seem impossible. Stress affects more than just your mind. Research has found that stress affects every part of your body — when you carry too much tension, it seems natural that it can lead to muscle stiffness and pain. Massage is the perfect way to lift your mood.

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When relaxation is poor, stress levels increase causing tension build-up, anxiety and muscular knots. An ischemic reaction is where blood flow I restricted to an area and then increases when pressure is released. Trigger points are a buildup of stress and tension that form muscular knots.

Self massage: great stress relief

Stress can occur mentally due to restricted movement, pain or injury. Increasing tissue elasticity, loosens muscles and reduces stress and tension. The main aim of a Swedish massage is to relax a person both physically and mentally through the manipulation of muscles. Before the pressure is released, the pressure applied will start to soften, creating a numbing sensation.

Top 4 massage techniques to de-stress

Metabolic wastes increase muscular fatigue and weakness and can result in swelling and pain. Flushing metabolic wastes from the body more efficiently through lymphatic drainage reduces swelling, pain and restriction. Reduction in tension and prevention of muscular knots reduces stress. Fingers and thumbs are used during trigger pointing to apply a firm pressure.

The most common massage types used to reduce stress include:.

United states of anxiety: massage for stress relief

Stress can be both physical and mental. Deep strokes increase muscle temperature to increase tissue elasticity.

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Please note: Our Online Booking tool is currently down, please on to arrange your appointment and we will honour any online booking discount. A lot of muscle stress can often come from deeper tissues as well as superficial.

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Friction is created between the skin and fingers during a massage, encouraging blood flow to increase. Within the blood flow are positive hormones endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. Muscle become tense meaning they stay in the state of contraction, and the pain created by tension can cause stress and frustration. When stress levels are high both physically and mentally, relaxation is prevented.

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A therapeutic massage uses a gentle pressure throughout on areas containing soft tissues. Mental stress occurs when there is already pain in the body. Lymphatic drainage involves the stimulation of the lymphatic system to remove metabolic wastes more efficiently. The more pain increases, the more stress increases which will in turn keep increasing the pain levels a massage aims to increase both muscle relaxation and mental relaxation.

As the pressure is applied an ischemic reaction occurs.

What techniques are used to reduce stress?

A variety of long, deep strokes are used to flush out the metabolic wastes from the body and replace them with healthy oxygen and nutrients. Reduced stress can help post injury. Mental stress is caused by a hormone called cortisol which can also increase anxiety and depression. Physical stress can restrict movement and create a build-up of tension.

Reduced stress

Restricting movement and preventing healing can increase mental stress as a person can become frustrated not being able to use the area of the body properly or returning to their exercise or sport. Pain can be decreased when stress is reduced. Stress can quite often be caused by a buildup of tension within muscles that restricts movement and increases pain.

Manipulation of the muscles encourages them to relax and stretch to relieve any tightness or tension, reducing physical stress. The positive hormones give a sense of well-being, increase relaxation and reduce stress. Muscles are encouraged to relax as an increase in temperature improves the muscle flexibility and range of movement.

The most common techniques used to reduce stress include deep strokes, trigger pointing and lymphatic drainage. Relaxation can be increased when stress is reduced. Our massage therapists at Physio. Relaxation increases psychologically as the level of positive hormones increase.

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The massage techniques most commonly used to reduce stress include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and therapeutic massage. Trigger pointing is an effective technique used to reduce stress. Swelling, muscular fatigue and muscular weakness can restrict movement and prevent injuries from healing. Stress can be reduced through Swedish massage.

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A range of massage types are appropriate to use to help reduce stress. A therapeutic massage increases localised blood flow.

5 reasons massage therapy is perfect for stress relief

The relief of tightness and tension through Swedish massage also decreases mental stress. Decreasing swelling pain and restriction reduces mental stress. The situations most commonly helped through reduced stress include:. Stress can be reduced through lymphatic drainage. When the numbing sensation has occurred, more pressure can be applied depending on how deep or how big the trigger point is or the pressure can be released.

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Trigger points can cause referred pain, headaches and can increase mental stress. Increasing positive hormones can give person a sense of well-being as well as a positive frame of mind and "happy mood". Stress located deeper within muscle tissues can cause increased pain and restricted movement.

As stress increases

Softening and numbing the trigger point reduces pain and headaches and relieves both mental and physical stress. A massage stimulates the lymphatic system. After an injury, conditions such as swelling, muscle fatigue and muscle weakness can arise.

A deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers within soft tissues.

Reduced stress is a benefit often gained through massage. Tightness and tension causes" pain, increasing stress mentally levels. Both physical and mental stress can increase pain. Increased tissue elasticity reduces tension and prevent muscular knots from forming. Reducing stress through massage can help in a variety of situations. A buildup of metabolic wastes can occur after an injury, surgery or over use of a muscle.

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Reducing stress increases healing time allowing a person to return to sport more quickly. A deep tissue massage aims to relieve tension by stretching and spreading muscle fibres and tissues in order for muscles to relax and loosen. Giving a sense of well-being and putting them in a positive frame of mind helps to reduce stress.

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A therapeutic massage is regularly used to reduce stress. A massage helps to encourage relaxation psychologically. Deep strokes involve using a firm pressure to get deep within muscle tissues.

Relaxation techniques for stress relief

Stress can physically occur within muscles after injury or overuse causing a buildup of tension resulting in an increase in pain. The main aim of a therapeutic massage is relaxation.

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Where small amounts of stress can be good for a person, too much stress can cause pain, fear of returning to sport of injury and self-doubt. A massage aims to relieve muscle tension. A trigger point is found in the centre of a muscle fibre. Allowing a person to return to sport more quickly will reduce stress further. Stress can increase due to the inability to return to exercise and sport or due to the pain. The most common situations reduced stress through massage can help include acute pain, post injury and relaxation.

Positive hormones include endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. Reduction of stress within muscles also decreases pain and increases movement. A stress hormone called cortisol is released in response to pain, further increasing pain.

Stress relief

A deep tissue massage is used to reduce stress. Deep strokes are regularly used to reduce stress. Loosened muscles increases movement, decreases pain and reduces stress. Increasing blood flow can also help to increase tissue elasticity by rising muscle temperature. A massage will also try to flush the cortisol out of the body in order to reduce stress levels and decrease pain.

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We can give in to stress and let it destroy our health and psyche, or we can de and implement an action plan to help us evolve physically, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally in order to cope successfully with it.

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The pain has definitely subsided and I will be booking in again with her in order to make further progress".

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Self Massage?

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For many of us, relaxation means flopping on the couch and zoning out in front of the TV at the end of a stressful day.