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Ladies, gentlemen and guys: the gender politics of politeness

One indicator of this diminished effect is the degree of variability in the employment rates of women related to the age of the youngest. Note 29 Specifically, the employment rate of married women grew by In contrast, the employment rate of separated, divorced, or widowed women grew by Historically, marital status has affected the employment of men and women differently. Quebec has also had an employment rate that is below the national average, as did British Columbia.

These social characteristics may intersect, creating diverse labour market experiences among women and men. This compared to Although women continue to be somewhat less likely than their male counterparts to participate in the labour market, this gender disparity Note 2 has decreased considerably over the years, from Note 7 Note 8.

Note 17 Interestingly, Toronto had the highest childcare fees in Canada, and those in Vancouver were among the highest Table 1.

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Over the past two and a half decades, there has been a sustained upward trend in educational attainment among Canadians, led by women. Given traditional gender roles, which emphasize breadwinning for men and housework and childcare for women, marriage has corresponded to increased employment for men and decreased employment for women.

Notably, the provinces with the highest employment rates in general also had the largest gender employment gaps in Alberta In the Prairie region, the employment rates of both women and men exceeded the national average, but they did so to a greater extent for men.

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In these provinces, the employment rates of women were mostly above the national average, while the employment rates of men were below the national average. The combination of employed and unemployed people in one figure can obscure gender differences between the sexes in employment and unemployment experiences. Specifically, betweenwhen the educational attainment variable was introduced in the LFSandthe proportion of women with a university degree increased from Over the same period, the proportion of men with a university degree increased from Note 27 For example, inthe employment rate of women with a high school diploma was The employment rate of men with a high school diploma was The gender employment gap tends to narrow with increasing levels of educational attainment.

The participation rate includes both those with any kind of job in the labour market and those seeking paid work. In effect, the population is divided into three groups based on how they are related to the labour market.

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Sincethe rate of growth has slowed to an average of 0. In Note 13 Due to these converging trends, the gender participation gap—defined as the difference between the labour force participation rates of men and women—decreased from Note 16 With continued declines in the ensuing years, the gender participation gap in Canada remained the lowest among its peers in 8.

The labour force participation rate is defined as the labour force in a given group expressed as a percentage of the total population for that group.

Unemployment patterns by age, province, and reason are also considered, including Employment Insurance claims and beneficiaries. For a particular group, the employment rate is defined as the of employed people in that group expressed as a percentage of the total population for that group.

On the other hand, historically, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta have been the provinces with high employment rates. research demonstrates that the labour supply of mothers is sensitive to variations in the cost of childcare.

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There is limited variability in the employment rate of men related to the age of the youngest child in the household. However, gender differences in labour market indicators among young and older women are considered separately at the end of this chapter. The gender employment gap was smallest in New Brunswick 1. Between andthe employment rate of women whose youngest child was under the age of 6 grew by Note 31 The employment rate of women with children aged 12 to 17 grew to a lesser extent The employment rate of women with no children under the age of 25 grew at a much slower pace between and — In summary, the employment rate of women with no children under the age of 12 including those with no children grew to a lesser extent than did the employment rate of women with younger children, as the former had higher rates to begin with in For this reason, between andmothers whose youngest child was under the age of 6 consistently had the lowest employment rates.

Given provincial variability in employment levels, the most meaningful way to look at gender in this regard involves calculating the difference between the employment rates of men and women within provinces, and then comparing the resulting gender employment gap between provinces Table 1.

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Statistics from the LFS presented here are based on monthly data that have been annualized through averaging. The difference between the employment rates of women and men was It is noteworthy that the gender employment gap exists even among those with a university degree. As mentioned above, the equivalent figure for women was This is particularly true for women, who constituted Nearly Lone parenthood also limits the employment of men: However, during this period, the employment rates of women with children of different ages converged—albeit not completely Chart 7.

Note Between andthe labour force participation of women grew an average of 1.

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Gender often overlaps with other social characteristics, such as visible minority status, Aboriginal status, immigrant status i. Bynearly equivalent proportions of married and single women were employed The employment rate for married men has declined somewhat over time as it has for all menbut the employment rate for married women has risen. There are three key measures of labour market activity: the employment rate, the unemployment rate, and the labour force participation rate.

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Among women with under the age of 18 inthe employment rate differed by The equivalent figure for was Inthe employment rate of men with children under the age of 6, aged 6 to 11 and aged 12 to 17 were virtually identical at Inmen with children under the age of 12 were slightly less likely to be employed than men with children aged 12 to 17 In both andmen with children aged 18 to 24 had the lowest employment rate, except for men with no children under the age of 25, as they were themselves nearing the end of the core working ages and some may have already retired.

This is the case whether a comparison is made between single and married women or married men and women. As a result, the gender employment gap among married people narrowed to The gender division of paid work has changed considerably over time Chart 6. Provincial variation in employment rates is an enduring feature of the economic landscape in Canada.

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In comparison with Toronto and Vancouver, the gender employment gap in Montreal was 6. Among men with in the household under the age of 18 inthe employment rate differed by 1. On March 9,a correction was made in the first paragraph of the sub-section entitled "Employment rate of mothers increases with age of the youngest.

Since this chapter relates to paid work, the focus is primarily on the employment rate as opposed to the participation rate, although the unemployment rate is considered separately. For this reason, serves as the starting point for most series presented in this chapter.

Although the LFS is conducted nationwide, the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut are not included in the national totals provided in this chapter as a different methodology is used in the territories.

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In Ontario and British Columbia, the employment rates of women were below the national average, while the employment rates of men were equivalent to the national average. The LFS is based on a sample of approximately 56, households. Note 20 Note 21 As a result of these programs, the cost of childcare in Quebec was the lowest in the country by a ificant margin inregardless of the age group of children considered.

Similarly, the unemployment rate is defined as the of unemployed people in a given group expressed as a percentage of the labour force of employed and unemployed for that group. Incouple families in which there was a single, male earner were the most prevalent family type: Around By Conversely, It was once common for women to cease work upon parenthood, if they had not already done so upon marriage.

In this chapter, labour market indicators for women versus men are not further disaggregated by the aforementioned social characteristics, as they are covered in other chapters of Women in Canada. Occupational classification begins inas that is as far back as the series was revised upon the introduction of a new coding scheme.

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